Materials for automobiles


Material specifically designed for convertibles. We use quality Střechovici Sonnenland, in black and color. There is also for our company specially made ​​cotton střechovice black. Our priority is customer satisfaction, so we try to expand our swatch of other materials. Mica in convertibles
we use only branded foreign material to the windows of convertibles and boats. We also offer roof repairs: replacement of damaged parts or cracked plastic windows. We do almost all of the roof of convertibles, military technology, various rebuilding and tuning. At any materials that are not in stock the delivery time is a week to a month to only then can begin work on the new upholstery.

Automotive carpets


  • soft velor or two-tone carpet branched
  • Special features for cars
  • equipped with a flame retardant composition
  • antistatic

They are available in different colors with or without foam, as well as with latex support. You can use and residential carpets, but consultation is required in advance .