We offer more than 1,500 samples of domestic and foreign imitation leather , leatherette upholstery and car . Among auto leather also include leather with special treatment for outdoor use in extreme conditions (for example use is polepování roofs of cars).We also have leather produced in the fifties and sixties used in the Skoda Felicia , Octavia , Velorex , motosedla and more.

Automobile leathers


  • Width 140 cm
  • The length of the entire roll : 35 m
  • Thickness: 1.45 ( + / - 0.1 mm )
  • Automotive: DIN 75200 or ISO 3795 , FMVSS 302Furniture : DIN EN1021 part 1 + 2 or ISO 8191 part 1 + 2 , BS 5852
  • It does not contain Cd / AZO / CFC / PCP / PCB / PCT / formaldehyde and harmful substances
  • Long life
  • UV resistant
  • Resistant to sweat
  • Resistant to water and salt

Care and Maintenance

For the longevity of this material, we recommend it be cleaned regularly.Under our products are also cleans and inpregnace artificial leather . Pollution material oil, grease and ink must be removed immediately to avoid permanent damage. Caution , do not use solvents , chlorides , polishes , chemical detergents or wax polishes .To remove these impurities is advisable to use a microfiber or cotton cloth or a soft brush moistened hands in soapy water . On the coloring leather jeans and other textiles are not covered by the complaint .

The main advantage of - MAINTENANCE-FREE

Also it happened to you ,if you left your bike stand in the rain ? With our product just wipe and go . You do not have to worry that you sit on a wet saddle as on the seats of leather, fabric , and other materials alcanteru .