Upholstery motorcycles


We provide renovation upholstery motosedel back to the original appearance or redevelopment. We offer a wide selection of high-quality leather and artificial leather different colors that can be combined according to customer requirements. Saddle motorcycles recommend mainly synthetic leather, which is maintenance free and nevlhne (behaves almost like rubber). Saddle leather (mainly veterans) must be impregnated with palm oil or beeswax.

Are you interested embroider any image, logo or inscription on the seat of your two-wheeled pet? You have it in our computer embroider. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.


Do you have a historic motorcycle and want to complement it with a contemporary bag? Our company is tailoring, regardless of the brand machines. Currently, the greatest demand is mainly for bags for motorcycles JAWA that our company produce all completely manually.

Jawa 50/555 type Pioneer "Stump" from 2 000 CZK
Java 50/typ 20 from 3 500 CZK
Java 50/typ 21 Sport from 1 500 CZK