Upholstery aircraft

We offer our customers renovation of the interior of airplanes, helicopters and gliders. For two-seater machine is the price and delivery time obviously much lower. The upholstery of the interior , we use a wide range of high-quality materials of different colors and structures (mostly skin) certified non-combustible.Interior hips produce customized either aluminum or lightweight materials . Before the renovation is very important to thoroughly document the entire interior of the aircraft , or those parts which will be renovated. Cooperation with your service technician will be for us also very beneficial . With our service -Mobile upholstery can also do the entire job on the spot . Unfortunately, due to the limited capacity of our operation, we are not able to handle several large orders at once , thanks for your understanding.

Used materials

Most of the original materials used in the interiors of planes is flammable ,therefore to all their clients despite the higher price , we recommend to choose only certified materials . Even so, we can offer customized filler materials ( mostly foam ) with certificates retardant .

Incombustible materials :

  • Metal
  • Aluminium
  • Stone and glass wool ( for insulation )
  • dural

Combustible materials :

Foam (cold foam) made from petroleum
Separation pads (to prevent the emergence Electrical material charge) made from petroleum
Leather (artificial leather, eco leather) made of rubber or oil
Laminate made from petroleum
Rubber straps (under the seat) made from petroleum
Synthetic yarn made from petroleum
Adhesives made from petroleum
Plastics made from petroleum
Carpeting made from petroleum
Hardboard, glued hardboard made of wood
Natural wool made of cotton