Upholstery and saddlery Grym

Welcome to the website of upholstery and saddlery Grym . Our company focuses primarily on interior upholstery contemporary and historic vehicles (cars and trucks) , ships and aircraft . All materials on the interiors veteran and vintage motorcycles sat choose according captured or contemporary photographs.We also carry out orders for various restaurants, clubs and hotels, including handbags services (eg . For western) . In the case of tuning we will make any adjustments to customer specifications. For the company Fly slolution Ltd. čalouníme aircraft interiors which include , for example, machines Cessna Citation I / SP , Piper Cherokee PA- 28A or Piper PA -46 Mirage .At the client's request , we directly drafted a new interior for sports special Bladerunner 34 Sport .

Saddlery service

We seat belts, guitars , everything related to the manual stitching . We also provide decorative stamping leather goods to order. Our products are mostly exported to foreign or western towns.Furthermore, we make interiors of the carriages and stagecoaches coating suitcases western (mostly everything into the skin or by request) .